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Discover the magic of 'pacotizing' with Pacojet 2

Pacojet 2 is the next generation kitchen machine that elevates ordinary cooking to culinary excellence. Pacotizing enables chefs to ‘micropuree’ fresh, frozen foods into ultralight mousses, naturally fresh ice creams and sorbets or aromatic soups, sauces or fillings without thawing. Intensive flavours, natural colours and vital nutrients are captured in individual, ready-to-serve portions.

Innovative features developed for Pacojet 2

  • New colour graphic display and touchscreen with intuitive icons
  • New, revolutionary pacotizing features for fresh, frozen foods:
    - Whole and decimal portions – perfect for precise quantities
    - Optional air pressure mode with automatic depressurization –pressure release during a processing cycle possible
    - Overfill rescue function – senses and recovers overfilled beaker contents automatically without need to thaw.
  • New, special programs for processing fresh, non-frozen foods with the Pacojet Coupe Set*:
    - ‘Cutting/Chopping’ – for tartar, farces, herbs, etc.
    - ‘Mixing/Whipping’ – for liquid foods
    All without generating heat – a processing cycle takes just 1 minute!
  • Easier to operate and now possible to customize:
    - Comprehensive, illustrated instruction manual
    - Complete cleaning cycle shown on the display – visual guidance for a simple and hygienic cleaning of the machine
    - Customization of user-settings – customize your Pacojet 2 to fit preferences and needs.
  • Extended performance life:
    - Exclusive, Swiss engineered ‘brushless’ motor with an extended 5 year warranty:
    outstanding performance and reliability, significantly more quiet and practically wear-free
  • New international Pacojet 2 recipe book – featuring exquisite culinary inspirations created by Pacojet Chefs from around the World.
  • High-quality accessories with sustainable value – all Pacojet 1 accessories are compatible with Pacojet 2.

*The Pacojet Coupe Set is a Pacojet accessory kit available at your Pacojet sales point.

Making your culinary dreams come true...

The next generation Pacojet 2 offers innovations with exceptional user value – perfect for chefs with the highest expectations, food-service systems, intense use and more...

  • Creativity unleashed – design signature cuisine, rediscover succulent classics and astound guests with bold, culinary artistry
  • Results exquisite – natural, vibrant colours, intense aromas, ultra-fine textures and exceptional taste, dependable
  • Profitable economics – save time, curb costs, reduce waste to maximize revenue
  • Fast and easy to clean – 1 minute per automatic cleaning cycle A reputation of excellence

Developed and manufactured in Switzerland, the Pacojet’s high-precision machinery and superior-quality ensure consistent performance and long life.


Pacojet is a unique food processor used worldwide by many chefs to produce a large variety of both sweet and savory recipes.

Pacojet takes the work out of making superior quality frozen desserts, from 100% natural sorbets, made only from fresh fruit, to smooth ice creams, which can be either full fat, yoghurt-based or even dairy-free.

But that’s not all!

Pacojet can also be used to process savoury recipes ranging from light, airy mousse and fine pâtés or farces to vegetable and herb concentrates which provide the basis for a wide variety of recipes. Whatever ingredients a chef’s imagination conjures up, Pacojet can purée it to perfection. We guarantee it!

Key benefits

  • Pacotizing enhances natural flavour and produces a superior end product of exceptional consistency and taste.
  • Less sugar and fat needed without sacrificing quality or taste.
  • Freezing locks in freshness and aroma. No preservatives, no additives needed.
  • Pacojet improves the profitability of any restaurant, because it saves time, labour, increases efficiency and cuts raw material
  • Pacojet makes adding new, unique flavours and recipes to a menu much more feasible and can increase sales and pay for itself in no time.
  • Convenient: prepare recipes in advance, then freeze and store until needed.
  • Cleaning the Pacojet is effortless and fast. A washing or rinsing cycle takes only 60 seconds at the push of a button.
  • Processes without breaking freezing chain. Partly used beaker can be safely put back in the freezer. No wastage!
  • Crystallization is no longer an issue because beakers can be "repacotized" several times without loss in quality.

"Pacotizing" processes frozen recipes without thawing them.

Take the frozen beaker (your recipe frozen to
-20°C) out of freezer and attach directly to the machine.

A hi-speed blade (2000rpm) "shaves" an
extremely fine layer (<2μ) with each revolution and processes a portion in just 20 seconds...

...producing a creamy, very finely-textured end product to -12ºC, the ideal serving temperature for frozen desserts. Serve or hold in ice cream cabinet or service freezer at -12°C to -15°C.


Philippa Sibley
Australia’s Pacojet Ambassador

Philippa Sibley - Pacojet ambassador AustraliaPhoto by Lucia Ondrusova

"la riene de les glace" or "the Queen of icecream" ... was "hard" pre Pacojet.

"Churning ice creams and sorbets just before each service to ensure perfect texture, spoonability and freshness, took a lot of time and organisation. Keeping track of the bases, their vintage and inevitably having to discard ice cream, if it didn’t sell as anticipated, as churning could result in a buttery product."

"Consistency, quality and stock control became a breeze when Pacojet arrived."

"Perfect instantly churned ice creams and sorbets, and the knowledge of how many canisters remain in the freezer,  really helps to keep on top of stock.
I love my Pacojet!"

Eric Guignard
The French Table

"Pacojet makes perfect sorbet and ice cream and saves time for the mise en place. It is very reliable, I found pacojet easy to use and help to keep consistency and no wastage, every kitchen should have one!!"


Preparing a wide variety of natural frozen desserts has never been this easy for an end product that good.

Peel and dice a fresh pineapple, including the core.
(Save time and raw material)
Fill a beaker with approx. 700g of fruit. Top up with pineapple juice. Sweeten
only if desired.
(Needs no additives, no preservatives)
Place in deep freezer -20°C for minimum of 24 hours, or shock-freeze.
(Lock in freshness and aroma!)
When you wish to make the sorbet, set up the Pacojet for processing.
(Simply snap the blade on to the magnetic end of the shaft)
Now take the frozen beaker out of the freezer, attach it to the Pacojet, and process it directly in its deep frozen state.
(Simple and fast!)
You can select to process as little as you need or do the whole beaker. In just seconds, the frozen fruit is puréed to an extremely fine texture.
The result is an incredibly smooth and creamy (pineapple) sorbet at the ideal serving temperature (-12°C).
Process a variety of beakers and hold ready for service in a service freezer (ice cream cabinet) at about -12°C to -15°C.
Partly used beakers are put back in the deep freezer for future use. (Safe! Pacotizing does not break the freezing chain. No wastage)


Pacojet is a counter top machine.

Fits in every kitchen.

No special installation required.

Plugs into standard socket.

The basic Pacojet system includes
all accessories needed to get started.

To make one portion (approx. 3.5oz)
takes just 20 seconds and to pacotize
the entire beaker (makes 1 litre) takes
less than 4 minutes.

Pacojet 2 is compact, yet powerful:

  • Makes one portion in 20 seconds or an entire beaker (1.0 L) in less than 4 minutes. In one hour Pacojet 2 can make up to:
  • 15 L of sorbet or ice cream in 15 different flavours
  • 15 kg of fine farce for pâtés, terrines, fluffy mousses
  • 15 kg herb or spice concentrate for sauces, oils etc., or
  • 150 portions of soup in 15 varieties and much more!

The Pacojet system includes:

  • 1 Pacojet 2 machine
  • 1 pacotizing blade
  • 1 spray guard
  • 2 pacotizing beakers with lids
  • 1 outer protective beaker
  • 1 chrome-steel spatula
  • 1 instruction manual
  • 1 international recipe book

Cleaning kit:

    • 1 blue washing insert
    • 1 blue sealing ring
    • 1 green rinsing insert

The Optional Coupe Set

Increase your profits and menu versatility:

Discover the unique Pacojet Coupe Set with Pacojet 2 Pacojet 2 offers dedicated functions for the Pacojet Coupe Set, expanding its application range to processing fresh, non-frozen foods in various styles, e.g. raw/cooked meat, fish, herbs, vegetables, fruit, eggs, cream, etc. Chop, mince, puree, whip, cream, foam and/or mix to the desired texture in just 60 seconds – all without generating heat.

The Pacojet Coupe Set for non-frozen foods is available separately from your Pacojet sales point

Coupe Set

The Pacojet Coupe Set includes an instruction manual and the following:

Whipping Disk
To whip cream, egg whites or mix/foam, fruit based creams, milkshakes etc.

2-Blade Cutter
for coarse textures: herbs, vegetables, meat/fish (e.g. Tartar)

4-Blade Cutter
for fine textures: farces, purees, mousses (e.g. terrines/patés)

Cutter Tongs
To safely affix the cutter blades


Technical Specifications Pacojet 2

Beaker capacity 1 litre Dimensions Width: 182mm
Max. fill volume 0.8 litre Depth: 360mm
Beaker diameter 13cm Height: 498mm
Beaker height 13.5cm Voltage 230–240V/50–60Hz
Ideal pacotizing temperature for
frozen foods:
-22°C 90–120V/50–60Hz
Motor rotation 6,000 rpm Rated power 950 watt
Blade rotation 2,000 rpm Net weight 15.7 kg
Overpressure: 1.2 bar


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